Top 10 Best Baby Infant Safety Car Seats in 2020 Reviews


Most moms and dads will tell you that their babies mean a lot to them. And they are more than willing to do anything to make sure their little ones are safe. The good news is some manufacturers know how parents love their little ones hence, they have decided to produce top quality baby infant safety car seats. Well, innovative car seats for infants are specially designed to protect baby when traveling in a car or stroller. They are cozy and have everything it takes to make sure your baby is safe throughout the journey. Here, we bring you the top 10 best baby infant safety car seats reviews to help you get the best product effortlessly.

1Graco 35 Infant Seat (Gotham)

Graco 35 Infant Seat (Gotham)
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This car seat for infants is super lightweight and will be a handy addition to your baby’s collection. It is easy to carry perhaps from the stroller to car or anywhere you would like to take it. Ideally, its rear facing protects infants who are between 4 and 35 pounds. The car seat also features a Click Connect system, which ensures ultimate versatility. The fact that this unit is thoroughly tested to meet/surpass US safety standards means it offers exceptional protection and you should trust it.

2Chicco Infant Seat and Base (Lilla)

Chicco Infant Seat and Base (Lilla)
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Baby infant safety car seats are a life saver. Well, one of them is the Chicco Infant Seat and Base. It is super easy to install and comes equipped with a 5-point harness, which can be adjusted with a single hand. Furthermore, its full body inserts are designed for 4- to 11-pound infants, making it perfect for small babies. If you want to experience worry-free travel with your baby, then the Chicco Infant Seat and Base is the unit to go for.

3Evenflo LX Infant Seat (Raleigh)

Evenflo LX Infant Seat (Raleigh)
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Say goodbye to those heavy car seats for infants that tire up your arms because the market today has an ultra-lightweight infant seat from Evenflo. It is intelligently designed and combines comfort with top quality features to deliver outstanding results. In addition, it comes equipped with a plush head that is removable for ultimate convenience. The seat also has a canopy to provide shade when you are with your little one outside. Other features include an adjustable auto base and an up-front adjust.

4Britax USA 35 Infant Seat

Britax USA 35 Infant Seat
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This baby car seat from Britax USA will provide your baby with ultimate protection during travel. It has an innovative base that absorbs impact to minimize collision forces and make sure your baby is safe throughout the journey. In addition, the infant seat features a steel frame that not only stabilizes impact but also delivers the much-needed superior strength. It also features the Click & Go stroller compatibility, and it is vigorously tested to ensure it delivers when needed most.

5Baby Trend Carbon Infant Seat

Baby Trend Carbon Infant Seat
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You don’t need to spend up to the last dime to enhance the safety of your baby, as the market now has a top notch infant seat from Baby Trend. It is easy to install and can accommodate babies from 5 to 30 pounds. Additionally, the seat comes equipped with EPS foam that absorbs energy to protect the head from side impacts. It also has a 5-point harness to promote a secure fit without compromising comfort.

6Graco Bear Trail Infant Seat

Graco Bear Trail Infant Seat
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Are you a mom who loves convenience and really values the comfort and safety of your child? If yes, then the Graco Bear Trail Infant Seat should be a frontier for you. It is without a doubt one of the best car seats in 2017. And it is extremely lightweight yet cozy enough to provide all-day comfort to your little angel. Furthermore, the unit is specially engineered to protect babies from 4 to 30 pounds in a rear facing position.

7Chicco Ombra Infant Seat and Base

Chicco Ombra Infant Seat and Base
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Make sure your baby is secure when you are on the go. And what you need to achieve this is the Chicco Ombra Infant Seat & Base. Its seat pad is thickly cushioned to provide optimum comfort. Plus it features a 5-point harness to offer extra comfort by ensuring a snug fit. Ideally, Chicco has equipped it with handy foam that absorbs energy and provides superior protection against side impacts. This unit also has a removable newborn insert, which is perfect for small babies.

8Graco 30 LX Car Seat (Play)

Graco 30 LX Car Seat (Play)
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Graco knows that your little one means a lot to you. That’s why they are more than happy to introduce to you the 30 LX Car Seat. It is a highly functional unit that goes through thorough safety testing to help eliminate any let downs. Additionally, its adjustable base has 6 positions to make sure you get the right position for outstanding installation. This car seat for infants also boasts a Click Connect Technology and gender-neutral design.

9UPPAbaby Jake Infant Seat

UPPAbaby Jake Infant Seat
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Equipped with a SMART Secure system, the UPPAbaby Jake Infant Seat is easy to install and use. Ideally, its adjustable headrest has side-impact protection to help protect baby against collisions. The car seat also has visual indicators and LATCH connectors to enhance its performance. In addition, its SPF hideaway canopy will protect baby from harmful UV rays. The UPPAbaby Jake Infant Seat is designed for infants from 4 to 35 pounds and with heights up to 32 inches.

10Evenflo Jungle Safari Infant Seat

Evenflo Jungle Safari Infant Seat
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Meet the Evenflo Jungle Safari Infant Seat! This model has an essential canopy that protects baby from elements. It also features foam liner, which absorbs energy and offers extra safety and comfort. Plus it has an ergonomically designed handle, which is easy to carry and won’t tire your arms. Also, its five-point harness has three-shoulder harness and two crotch buckle positions for an improved fit. The Evenflo Jungle Safari Infant Seat will help you travel with peace of mind knowing your baby is safer than ever before.


Whether you are looking for a convertible car seat or just a simple infant seat, this compilation has it all. We understand how frustrating it is to spend your money on a poorly made product. That’s why we have decided to bring you the above comprehensive compilation. Well, it only highlights the best car seats for infants, meaning any that you will choose will undoubtedly meet your baby’s demands. Best of all, infant seats listed here are within an affordable range to make sure nothing hinders you from getting at least one. What are you waiting for? Read the compilation and choose a desirable car seat for your baby!


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