Top 10 Best Fire Escape Ladders 2020 Reviews


Fire escape ladders are essential for keeping homes, offices and other buildings safe by providing an emergency exit that can be used in case of fire or any other emergency. They can be mounted on walls or windows or basement so that they can serve their purpose when the need arises. When getting one, you should consider the materials used to make it so that it can give stability when being used. You can also check the mountable options that it gives so that you get the best one for keeping your home safe.

10First Alert EL53W

First Alert EL53W
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This ladder has wide sill hooks so that it can be mounted on windows that are from 6-13inches. You can use it to keep your home prepared for an emergency with the durable, strong steel construction that it has. It is 24foot and can be used by adults and kids alike. It ensures that your leg is stable by having epoxy-coated rungs and they are also slip-resistant.

9First Alert

First Alert
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This ladder is 14ft and can be used for 2story buildings. Be prepared with it for emergencies as it will not sway when being used thanks to the epoxy-coated rungs and non-slip coating. It quickly attaches to most windows. It can be folded so that you can save on space when storing it. Its steel construction makes it strong and durable. It comes assembled and can be used multiple times.

8Basement Window Ladder

Basement Window Ladder
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You can escape through the basement in times of emergency with this three step ladder. It works well when hanged from the lip of a metal window. It is ideal for window wells that are 4-5ft deep, and the maximum weight that it can support is 300lbs. It has an aluminum construction, it does not need maintenance and will not rust. Assembling it is easy and does not need special tools.

7Dyne, Inc.

Dyne, Inc.
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If your corrugated steel window well has a 42-54inches in depth, then this is the ideal ladder for you. It has only three steps on it. It is lightweight with aluminum construction. Its steps have anti-slip safety tape so that you can be safe when using it during emergencies. It is for basement windows and can be used by both kids and adults. It gives an ample time when installing it.

6ResQLadder FL15SL

ResQLadder FL15SL
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This ladder has a sleeve on chains, is 15ft and can be used on two-story buildings. It will work well on a standard window sill. It can be easily carried around. It will support up to 1000lbs weight. You will have grip when using it thanks to the plastic encasing that it has so that you be comfortable and safely exit a building in case of fire. It has twelve steps and does no need assembling.

5Kidde KL

Kidde KL
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This is the bestselling ladder that is loved by most. It is for two story buildings and is easy to attach to standard windows. It has anti-slip rungs so that you can land safely on the ground during emergencies. It comes when already assembled so it can be used immediately. It is 13ft long and 1ft wide and can be used by people of up to 1000lbs. It has been made with materials that are strong and durable.

4First Alert EL52

First Alert EL52
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This ladder has DuPont Cordura nylon strapping on top of the strong steel construction so that it can serve you for a long period. It is 14foot and has anti-slip steps so that you can be safe when using it during emergencies. It is for window sills that have a width of 6-10inshes. Assembling is not required, and it comes ready to be used. The weight that it supports is up to 1125lbs.


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You can now be ready for emergencies with this ladder that is 25ft and is for three story buildings. It is tangle-free and strong. You will have stability when using the anti-slip rungs on it. Installing it is easy so is using it. You can only use it once after which you should discard it. There is no need for tools when you have it as it comes already assembled.

2Werner ESC220

Werner ESC220
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This ladder can be used by multiple people at the same time as each of its rungs can support up to 400lbs, and it can support up to 1120lbs overall. It can be attached to any size of a window sill and is for two story buildings. It has multi-level roof lines. Its rungs are flat and have been designed to be anti-slip so that they are safe. You will also get standoffs and assistant straps for easy exit.

1X-IT 2 Story

X-IT 2 Story
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This ladder can be attached to any window or wall for the safe exit during an emergency. It is lightweight and strong so that it can give an efficient performance. It can withstand multiple uses. The ladder is tangle-free and can easily deploy during crucial moments thanks to its small size and be light. It can support up to 1000lbs.

Your home structure matters a lot when getting an escape ladder. There are those that are used in basement window other are for story buildings. So you should get one that will suit your home. The weight limit should also be checked so that your loved ones do not get injured when getting to safety and cause more damage. The rungs or steps should not slip so that you are stable. The ladders can be utilized by both adults and children.


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