Top 10 Best Jet Bath Spas of 2020 Reviews


It’s essential to enjoy the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of bubbles together with jet streams at the comfort of your home. The only way you can enjoy that is by the use of the best jet bath spas. These spas give fast and very easy to install, you don’t need to be a professional to set them up. Besides, they come at an extremely low price. The items work perfectly and are the best when it comes to soothing away strains and stresses that result from hard day-to-day life.

These best quality jet bath spas are all you need to relieve you from the stress and pressure of a tiresome day. They give you a perfect time to hang out with family and friends while in the spas. However, there are many of them on the market, thus it might be hard for you to know the best spas that suit you best. Most manufacturers give wrong details concerning their products, and that can be quiet confusing if you’re looking for the best jet bath spa for your home. To save yourself from the stress, we have prepared for you the 10 lists below.

10Foot Spa/Bath Massager by MaxKare

Foot Spa/Bath Massager by MaxKare
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In normal daily life, the feet bear more burdens when it comes to soreness, spasms, and stiffness. Therefore, you need good jet bath spas like Foot Spa/Bath Massager by MaxKare to soothe your feet. If you have this jet bath spa, all you need is fill the spa with warm water and place your feet in it. It will indulge and integrate your mind, soul, and body into relaxation. It will assure you a good quality sleep and give you refreshed feeling throughout the next day.

The Foot Spa/Bath Massager by MaxKare is designed with four massage rollers that give you good sole reflexology for the best massage. In the end, pressures on your dredges meridians and joints are removed. It gives you improved metabolism. This spa stands out among the rest since it’s easy to operate; thus you don’t need to be a professional to operate it.


  • Stylish and Easy-operation
  • Good temperature maintenance and fast heating
  • Removable massage rollers
  • Temperature adjustments

9Foot Spa/Bath Soaker by MaxKare

Foot Spa/Bath Soaker by MaxKare
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MaxKare is an effective foot spa that provides powerful hydro jets for relaxing the feet. The versatile 3-in-1 unit includes a heating function that helps to relieve fatigue, intense vibrations for stress, and calming bubbles that are specially designed to pamper the feet. It features an ergonomic design that fits your feet perfectly without any water splashes.

Also, the spa comes with four massaging rollers that will reinvigorate you. With a combination of massaging bubbles and hot water, you’re sure to get a functional jet spa right from the comfort of your home. It measures 13.7-inches, so it can accommodate most feet sizes. There’s also a removable case for keeping essential materials, including the Epson salts.


  • Elegant and fashionable design
  • Constant bubbling
  • Four removable massaging rollers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multifunctional foot spa

8Foot Spa Misiki Foot Bath Massager

Foot Spa Misiki Foot Bath Massager
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Misiki presents to you a foot spa that will guide you towards a healthy lifestyle. It features a bubble function for a refreshing foot massage. Besides, the bubbles will promote metabolism and blood circulation, so you’re guaranteed a comfortable feeling. Apart from the appealing aesthetics, this model provides you with adequate space for soaking different sizes of feet.

Another notable feature is the infrared lights that will sterilize the feet and ensure they remain clean. This unit is ETL and CE certified, meaning you have a quality and safe product that you can depend on. Just like other high-end products, the jet bath has 4 massage rollers that help in reducing soreness and muscle pains.


  • Features and additional footstone
  • Temperature control function
  • CE and ETL certified
  • Four removable massage rollers
  • Infrared lights for sterilization

7Ivation Foot Spa Massager – Heated Bath, Automatic Rollers

Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Rollers
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Are you looking for the best way to soothe your sore feet? If so, buy this Ivation Foot Spa Massager and get everything you need. It’s a multifunctional massaging tool that is the best when it comes to comforting achy ankles, arches, toes, and heels. It’s most suitable for athletes and those working on their feet. This Ivation Foot Spa Massager has invigorating vibration that facilitates proper blood circulation and soothes your weary feet.

It’s designed with activated rollers that, in most cases, targets tired or tensed soles. This Ivation Foot Spa Massager gives you oxygenating bubble action that makes it more effective in relieving pain and pressure from your feet. All you need it to add essential oil to it, and you get the best aromatherapy.


  • Relieve sore and worn-out feet
  • Intense vibrating massage
  • Oxygenating bubble action
  • Water Warms Up to 122° F
  • Timer and Multifunction Selection

6Conair Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa

Conair Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa
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Always give yourself the best massage and the best spa experience using Conair Foot Spa at the comfort of your home. The spa provides your feet with the best soothing experience. The vibration is the best in comforting your feet by its warm relaxation. There is a toe-touch control that intensifies the massaging activity.

It has foot massage vibrating, and attachments node gives you extra massage action to your feet. With this Conair Foot Spa, it is easy for you to take care of your hardest-working parts on the body. The spa has a deep reservoir that allows you to immerse your feet fully to ensure that both your feet are properly managed. After this massage, you’ll be ready to rest and get the best relaxation.


  • Removable rollers
  • 6-foot cord
  • Easy toe-touch control
  • Foot spa massage attachment
  • Soothing Vibration Massage

5LiveFine Foot Spa Massager

LiveFine Foot Spa Massager
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The LiveFine Foot Spa Massager is the most common jet bath spa you’ll find on the market. This is because it’s the best massager to use after a long working day. You get good pain soothing and relaxation when using this spa thanks to its bubbling massage. To make it more effective, you can use oils or salt based on your needs. It has a very efficient heating element. The element prevents cases of water getting cold after sometimes when still in use.

This LiveFine Foot Spa Massager comes with cool attachments that give you an incredibly amazing foot massage and the best pedicure. The massage from this spa works like a charm, and you won’t think of another jet bath spa. Its rollers are removable and very comfortable to your feet, allowing you to try it once or twice.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Works efficiently
  • Several attachments
  • Relieve sore and worn-out feet
  • Free pumice stone included

4ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager with Heat

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager with Heat
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The ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager with Heat is the most versatile jet bath spa you’ll find on the market. It’s suitable for both men and women. With this spa, you get a complete resort experience. This spa is well integrated with amazing features of shiatsu, acupressure, hydrotherapy, and heat. It’s an all-in-one massage that gives the best massaging experience and bliss to your toes and soles.

To correctly operate this spa, all you have to do is plug it in a unit, fill your basin with water, and choose your best spa session. It’s designed to relieve various foot complaints. When using this ACEVIVI Foot Spa, proper circulation is facilitated using the bubble features that are the best in soothing pain and soreness.


  • Intense vibrating massage
  • Relieve sore, worn-out feet
  • Oxygenating bubble action
  • Advanced led display
  • Multifunction Foot Spa

3All in one-foot spa bath massager w/heat by Kendal

All in one-foot spa bath massager w/heat by Kendal
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If you’re looking for a high-frequency jet bath spa with high-frequency, this All in one-foot spa bath massager w/heat by Kendal is your ideal option. It’s rated and certified by ETL. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about your safety when using it. This spa has proper electric leakage protection that enhances its security. It’s liked by many due to the big size that allows it to accommodate both men and women.

With this All in one-foot spa bath massager w/heat by Kendal, you’ll be assured of good blood circulation. Proper blood circulation improves metabolism, thus relieves fatigue as it soothes your Qi system. It uses a high-quality PTC heating semiconductor that helps in maintaining a constant temperature. Besides, there is a safe double overheating protection.


  • High-quality PTC heating semiconductor
  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • Beautiful & elegant
  • Color- Pink
  • High-frequency vibration massage

2Foot Spa Bath Massager with Temperature Control by H&B Luxuries

Foot Spa Bath Massager with Temperature Control by H&B Luxuries
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Give your feet the most comfortable and soaking feeling using this amazing Foot Spa Bath Massager with Temperature Control by H&B Luxuries. The spa is designed with red lights, a motorized roller, and a good heating function that facilitated the whole massaging process. It’s the safest foot spa since its ETL certified and has electric leakage protection.

The six motorized rollers, together with the angle-adjustable shower bar, make it the best in stimulating acupuncture points on your feet. It also helps in alleviating plantar fasciitis and ease tight muscles symptoms. This spa enhances proper blood circulation that helps in relieving fatigue on your feet. It gives you a chance to adjust its temperature from 5°F (35 °C) to 118°F(48 °C).


  • Motorized massage surface
  • Digital timer
  • Lockable casters
  • LED display
  • Six motorized rollers

1Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa

Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa
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The Conair Active Life Foot Spa gives you the best way to pamper your feet with rejuvenating massage at the comfort of your home. It’s the best when it comes to warm relaxation of your feet. This spa ensures that you get the active lifestyle that you’re looking for. It comes with rollers that perfectly soothe your feet, relieving them from pain and pressure. There are exfoliating loofah disks on it that soften your skin and provides you with an excellent rejuvenating massage.

There are LED lights on it that show the massage bubble action to ensure that water remains warm all through. The spa makes it easy for you to take care of your body’s hard-working parts. It effectively relieves your feet from the daily strain and stress. There are toe-touch push buttons that help in controlling the bubbles to ensure that you get customized experience all through.


  • Three toe-touch push-buttons
  • Three attachments: soft-touch massager, pumice stone, and scrub brush
  • LED lights
  • Massaging foot rollers
  • Exfoliating loofah discs


Feet get sore and painful now and then. To save yourself from that, and ensure that you have an active lifestyle, it’s essential to have a good foot spa. The spas are the best when it comes to relieving your feet from daily fatigue, stress, and pain. All you have to do is buy a good jet bath spa. There are many on the market, and many manufacturers give misleading information. To reduce the chances of ending up with a low-quality jet bath spa, go through our above review, and get yourself a jet bath spa that suits you best.


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