Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks for Men in 2017 Reviews


Laptop backpacks have taken another turn and are today some of the best backpacks you will ever come across. These bags are handy, especially if you need to travel somewhere and do not wish to leave your laptop behind. They can also be used to keep other items like notebooks, water bottles, pens, and laptop accessories. Ideally, laptop backpacks are heavily padded to offer the much-needed comfort and allow you to wear them for long hours. But getting the best one from the flooded market has never been easy. That’s why we come in handy with our top 10 best laptop backpacks for men in 2017 reviews.

1Mancro Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Mancro Water Resistant Laptop Backpack
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This water resistant laptop backpack measures 20-by-12.2-by-5.7 inches and holds laptops that are less than 17 inches. It has 9 inner small pockets, 3 main pockets, and 2 sealed side pockets to give you ample spaces for keeping such items as clothes, bottle, books, iPhone, iPad, wallet, keys, pen, and more. The backpack also comes with durable metal zippers and a theft proof combination lock. Ideally, its curved padded shoulder straps help bring in unmatched comfort.

2High Sierra Backpack (Swerve)

High Sierra Backpack (Swerve)
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Whether you are looking for a backpack for outdoor adventures or for work, the High Sierra Swerve is the unit to go for. It is without a doubt the best laptop backpack you will ever come across. It is equipped with a fully-padded computer sleeve that holds most 17-inch laptops. The backpack also features front pocket compartments for keeping keys, valuables, phones, and other items. Plus it is super comfortable; thanks to its VAPEL mesh AIRFLOW padded straps.

3High Sierra Backpack (Loop)

High Sierra Backpack (Loop)
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Meet this versatile laptop backpack from High Sierra! It is perfect for use in the office, at home or even when you are out for a memorable adventure. It has innovative compression straps that are adjustable to offer a secure fit. These straps also provide an extra storage for such items as sleeping bags and jackets. The loop backpack also boasts a monster hook, which allows you to effortlessly attach a water bottle or a lantern.

4AmazonBasics Backpack

AmazonBasics Backpack
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Say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to those lifeless, ineffective backpacks. Today, the market has a top quality backpack from AmazonBasics. It is designed to keep laptops up to 17 inches, so expect it to be a handy computer backpack. The bag also features a mesh compartment on the left strap to make sure you are able to quickly reach for your cell phone or other small items. Plus it is heavily padded to ensure it remains comfortable even during the longest journeys.

5oscaurt Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

oscaurt Anti-theft Laptop Backpack
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It is important to travel with peace of mind knowing that your laptops and other valuables are highly protected. Well, oscaurt knows this; hence, it brings you a top notch anti-theft laptop backpack. Equipped with anti-theft technology, this backpack will protect your belongings from thieves. The zipper of the main pocket is completely hidden in the back of the backpack to make sure no one but you can access it. In addition, the anti-theft backpack is made of water repellant fabric and features a reflective stripe.

6Loaged Anti-theft 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack

Loaged Anti-theft 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack
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Loaged has something that will take you by storm; an anti-theft laptop backpack. Well, the backpack is highly versatile and suitable for people of all ages. Plus, it is ideal for business trips, outdoor events, and school. The bag also has a dedicated laptop compartment that measures 18.9-by-13-by-6.3 inches, and it can hold laptops up to 16 inches. Moreover, it comes equipped with front and side buckles that offer an excellent protection against thefts. This backpack for laptop is a must-have for college students, adventurers or office-goers.

7KAUKKO Outdoor Laptop Backpack

KAUKKO Outdoor Laptop Backpack
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Are you tired of poorly made laptop backpacks? Then be tired no more, as the market now has the KAUKKO Outdoor Laptop Backpack. It is made with premium quality linen, which enhances its softness and comfort. Ideally, the bag has a protective padded design to make sure it is easy to carry. And its main compartment features drawstring closure to ensure that all of your contents are secure. The KAUKKO Outdoor Laptop Backpack is designed for a 15-inch laptop and can also be used to keep other items.

8LUXUR Waterproof Laptop Backpack

LUXUR Waterproof Laptop Backpack
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One great thing about the LUXUR Waterproof Laptop Backpack is that it is super versatile and perfect for school, camping, travel, hiking, business, and more. In addition, it comes with a solid 1-year warranty to help protect against original defects. The backpack also features 12 multi-pockets for keeping laptops, notebooks, and other items. Additionally, it is made of durable polyester fabric, which is resistant to tear, water splashing, and scratch. This bag is the go-to product for anyone who’s after convenience and fashion.

9Winblo Laptop Backpack

Winblo Laptop Backpack
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Featuring a durable nylon external and 210 nylon internal, the Winblo Laptop Backpack offers unrivaled durability without sacrificing the much-needed comfort. It is a highly organized laptop backpack whose roomy compartment can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches. It also has other compartments for keeping items like Macbook, umbrella, folders, pen, iPad, and more. Furthermore, the bag is lightweight and easy to use. Go for the Winblo Laptop Backpack; go for ultimate convenience.

10Utopia Home Laptop Backpack

Utopia Home Laptop Backpack
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Sleek and lightweight, this laptop backpack will instantly become your favorite backpack. It has numerous storage compartments that offer extra space for keeping laptop accessories and everyday essentials. It also features a separate interior space for keeping up to 17-inch laptops and notebook computers. In addition, its mesh compartment offers a quick-access pocket for water bottles and other small accessories. Those who want to experience unforgettable moments go for the Utopia Home Laptop Backpack.


Going through numerous reviews before you decide to make a purchase is really important. It helps you have enough knowledge on what is good and what should be avoided. Well, by so doing, you avoid unwarranted frustrations and regrets. Among the reviews you can consider is the above ones that offer a comprehensive compilation of the best laptop backpacks in 2017. We have thoroughly assessed these products, meaning any that you will choose will definitely suit your needs. Moreover, backpacks listed above are highly affordable despite their unreachable performance. Choose one now and enjoy ultimate convenience during traveling, camping or hiking.


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