Top 10 Best Outdoor Table Lamps in 2020 Reviews


Lighting systems are important units that we cannot go without even for a single day. We need light for reading at night, cooking, and doing other things. Well, our homes are always well equipped with various lighting systems, but the same may not apply to our outdoor environments. You will notice that most people become stranded when going for a trip or camping because their lighting units greatly depend on electricity. That’s why some manufacturers have thought it wise to produce lighting lamps specially designed for outdoor use. Most of them have rechargeable batteries, meaning they are perfect for use outside. If you are here looking for one, we advise that you go through the following top 10 best outdoor table lamps reviews.

1AUKEY Table Lamp

AUKEY Table Lamp
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Let there be light with the AUKEY Table Lamp. It has a touch panel base that will give you full control, thereby, allowing you to switch light modes. It also boasts a simple design that enables it to fully complement your décor. Plus it comes equipped with three modes (ambient, bright light and soft light glow) to make sure you get the right lighting for tackling different activities. The 24-month warranty protects this product against original defects.

2Albrillo Warm White Lamp

Albrillo Warm White Lamp
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Have you ever come across a super versatile bedside lamp? If no, then stay put. The Albrillo Warm White Lamp can be used as a bedside reading lamp, end table lamp, bedroom table lamp, touch table lamp, living room lamp, nightstand lamp, desk lamp, nursery lamp, and floor lamp, among others. As if that’s not enough, the Albrillo Warm White Lamp is perfect for dorms, special events, and celebrations. It is one of the best outdoor table lamps on the market today.

3TaoTronics Table Lamp

TaoTronics Table Lamp
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Make sure your night is always safe by having the TaoTronics Table Lamp. It comes equipped with a large capacity 4000mAh battery that is rechargeable and goes for 110 hours when fully recharged. Furthermore, this table lamp has a light panel that you can brighten without interfering with your little one’s sleep. Plus it features a handy handle that offers superior grip and allows for easy carry from one room to another. Use this light in the office, at home, and even for camping.

4ElecStars White Lamp

ElecStars White Lamp
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Outside table lamps are convenient, and the ElecStars White Lamp is no exception. It is made of many different devices that help enhance its performance. Furthermore, it has three-level brightness and seven colorful lighting changing modes to make sure you are not inconvenienced at all. The ElecStars White Lamp also features a built-in battery that can last for up to ten hours when fully recharged. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, which is compatible with most computers and cell phones.

5LUTEC Solar Table Lamp

LUTEC Solar Table Lamp
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Designed with convenience in mind, the LUTEC Solar Table Lamp can be taken anywhere including camping, bedroom, garden, and more. It can also be relied on when there is a power outage or during emergency. The unit produces little heat and has a safety device that keeps pets and children safe. In addition, this table lamp is super easy to operate thanks to its three lighting modes and lightweight construction (0.81lb).

6ALECTIDE Table Lamp

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The ALECTIDE Table Lamp is one of the best quality outdoor table lamps in 2017. It is backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for worry-free buying experience. Ideally, it features a 2000mAh battery that should be charged for three hours and lasts for five hours once fully charged. The lighting system also has a light mode that enables music and light to stop automatically. And its Bluetooth speaker has seven changing colors for optimum enjoyment.

7Kainuoa Table Lamp

Kainuoa Table Lamp
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The Kainuoa Table Lamp comes with three light modes that are extremely easy to use. It also has a speaker and six colors that change in a circular motion to ensure enhanced performance. The sensor technology also makes the Kainuoa LED Table Lamp easy to use by changing colors once it is touched. Moreover, there is a built-in lithium battery that is rechargeable and goes for around eight hours when used for lighting/music and five hours when used for both lighting and music.

8ZHOPPY Light Table Lamp

ZHOPPY Light Table Lamp
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The ZHOPPY Light Table Lamp is like most top quality outdoor table lights in that it also has a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker that is compatible with most tablets, computers, and cell phones. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that can play music for up to eleven hours. And it is dimmable enough to offer light that will not interfere with your sleep. Use it as a bedside night light table lamp to bring in ultimate convenience.

9Etekcity Multi-Use LED Lamp

Etekcity Multi-Use LED Lamp
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Are you looking for a proper lighting system for reading? Or are you planning to go for an extended trip? If one of these questions is “yes”, then the Etekcity Multi-Use LED Lamp should be a frontier for you. It has seven lighting modes and one button for controlling all of its function. It also boasts a compact, versatile design that makes it ideal for hiking, camping, and backpacking, among others. The time to stay safe and convenient is now!

10Home Improvements Table Lamp

Home Improvements Table Lamp
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It is almost impossible to use a corded lamp when you are outdoors. That’s why Home Improvements have decided to come up with this highly functional outdoor table lamp. Well, the unit is made with several materials (Polyresin, Polycarbonate, Steel, and Aluminum) to make sure it is durable and top performing. Additionally, it measures 13 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 23 inches high and weighs only 6-1/2 pounds to promote optimum portability.


You don’t need to carry bulky lighting systems when going for an extended trip or camping. Instead, all you need to do is to go for the above outdoor table lamps. They are designed for use outdoors, although they can also be used in the living room, bedroom and more. In addition, these lamps feature large capacity built-in batteries that last for a pretty long time. They are also designed with elegance and simplicity in mind, so they can perfectly blend with the existing decor. They are super versatile outdoor lighting systems that are handy for numerous activities. Therefore, make sure you go through the above compilation and then choose one that best suits your needs.


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