10 Best Portable Hammock Tree Straps of 2020 Reviews


Most hammocks come with straps, but this should not prevent you from buying hammock straps. This is because hammock tree straps are stronger and longer than straps found in a portable tree hammock or an outdoor hammock. Most of them have a high breaking strength of more than 2000 pounds. They also have a high weight capacity, with a good number of them capable of carrying up to 500 pounds.

In addition, several hammock straps come with Carabiners, which help make setup a breeze. They are also long enough to make sure that you can attach them to any trees that are several feet apart. If you are a camping enthusiast, hammock straps should not miss from your camping gear. So, choose one of the following 10 best hammock tree straps reviews.

But before we go to the reviews, let’s take a quick look at the following buyer’s guide:

The Material Used

Go for hammock straps that are made of strong materials such as 210T nylon webbing or high strength polyester webbing. This is because the stronger the material, the higher the safety of the hammock straps. Ideally, hammock straps made of strong materials have a high breaking strength not to mention their high weight capacity.

Ease of Setup

You do not want to take ages setting up your hammock straps, do you? Therefore, be sure to go for hammock straps that come with Carabiners and have loops. You can also consider hammock tree straps with hooks. All these make setup a breeze.

The Weight Capacity

If you are two people, go for hammock straps with a high weight capacity, perhaps up to 500 pounds. But if it’s only you, then you may consider hammock straps with a somewhat low weight capacity. You should, however, make sure that the weight capacity of your hammock straps surpasses your weight, so you don’t fall down and remain vulnerable to injuries.The buyer’s guide has been well explained and we hope you have gotten something out of it. Now, let’s visit the following reviews.

10Soufull Double Hammock

Soufull Double Hammock
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If sizing were to determine the rank of a hammock, then this double hammock from Soufull Double Hammock could be the best. It measures 126 inches long by 79 inches wide to make sure you have plenty of room where you and your loved one can lay down for a memorable moment. What’s more, this hammock sets up pretty fast roughly in around 3 minutes. Ideally, it sets up strongly to accommodate up to 500 pounds.


210T nylon fabric: It is strong and light at the same time for ultimate convenience.
Large size: It enables the hammock to comfortably accommodate up to 2 people.
100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee: Ensures that you only use what you are satisfied with.

9Nature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps

Nature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps
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Many outdoorsmen go for these hammock straps because they are undoubtedly the easiest hammock straps to set up. Can you believe that these straps set up in just 90 seconds? Yes, they do not have complicated knots that will take ages to learn how to untie. These straps will also not sag despite their ability to hold heavy weight. The manufacturer believes in their performance. That’s why they provide a 100-percent money back guarantee.


Daisy-chained loop system: It makes it easy to adjust the height of the hammock.
Double-power stitching: It ensures combined breaking strength of more than 2,200 pounds.
Two aluminum wiregate carabiners: They make setup a breeze.

8Utopia Home Adjustable Hammock Straps

Utopia Home Adjustable Hammock Straps
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One main thing that has made us regard these straps as among the best is their flexibility. These straps work well with trees, roof racks, large rocks, and dock, among others. Therefore, this means that you can tie them anywhere and use them for various purposes such as hiking, cottage living, and camping. They will help you tie your hammock fast and securely for a good day’s rest or a good night’s sleep.


Daisy-chained loop system: It is adjustable yet it does not stretch for optimum results.
100-percent polyester webbing material: It keeps your hammock where it is hung.
Anchor points: They are 25 feet apart for ultimate convenience.


7Lazy Monk Hammock with Tree Hanging Straps

Lazy Monk Hammock with Tree Hanging Straps
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Lazy Monk produces many different colors of hammocks and hammock straps to make sure you don’t find it hard getting a suitable product with desirable colors. Their two hammocks and hammock straps are very strong to the extent that they can hold up to 500 pounds. They are also waterproof and windproof, meaning you can confidently use them outdoors. In addition, we are sure that the prices of these hammocks and their straps will not exceed your budget despite the several items.


5-year warranty: It provides protection against manufacturer’s defects.
Military stitched straps: They stretch and hold the hammock perfectly.
210T Rip Stop Parachute Nylon: It is built to withstand the unfortunates of outdoors.


6WEHE Extra Strong Hammock Straps

WEHE Extra Strong Hammock Straps
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Hanging your hammock with these straps is advisable. And this is because it is strong with up to 2000 pounds of force needed to break them. These straps will also help you set up your hammock faster and easier, so you can spend more time enjoying its comfort rather than setting it up. Additionally, these straps will allow you to choose trees that are up to 20 feet apart. Plus they will not damage trees in any way.


Tree-friendly design: Straps will not damage trees.
Adjustable, strong craftsmanship: Straps are adjustable and they will not stretch.
100-percent money back guarantee: Provides a clear path to return the product should you be unimpressed with it.


5Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps with CARABINERS

Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps with CARABINERS
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We like the fact that these hammock tree straps are adjustable and extremely easy to use. They are also easy to set up with less than a minute needed to get the job done. Another great feature of these hammock straps is that they are super strong and do not stretch. They have been successfully tested to safely hold up to 600 pounds per strap (1200 pounds in total).


100-percent polyester webbing: It does not stretch, sag or absorb water.
1-year warranty: It protects against defects.
100-percent satisfaction guarantee: It ensures that you only use the product because you are satisfied and happy with it.

4Ohuhu Hammock Straps with 2 S Hooks and Carabiners

Ohuhu Hammock Straps with 2 S Hooks and Carabiners
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Like other top quality hammock straps, Ohuhu Hammock Straps come with 2 heavy-duty S hooks and Carabiners to allow for easy setup. They are strong enough to hold weight up to 500 pounds. For this reason, they will not break under pressure. You can, therefore, lie and relax knowing that these straps will not be a letdown. Use them to set up your hammock while you are on a camping trip.


Heavy-duty S Hooks: They work with loops to allow for swift mounting and demounting of the hammock.
Complimentary storage bag: It keeps hammock straps neat and tidy.
Tree-friendly craftsmanship: Hammock straps will not leave a scratch on trees.

3HIG Orange Hammock Tree Straps

HIG Orange Hammock Tree Straps
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Given the challenging outdoor conditions, it is important that you go for extremely strong and high-quality hammock tree straps. And this is where these orange hammock tree straps come in handy. They have a tested weight capacity of more than 2200 pounds, meaning they can accommodate up to 3 people. They also work safely, making sure that your life is not put on the line when you lie on hammocks set up by them.


Long length: They make it easy to tie hammock straps on big trees.
Triple Safety Stitching: Enables hammock straps to hold a lot of weight.
100-percent nylon webbing: It is high, strength to help contribute to the sturdiness of hammock straps.

2Live Infinitely Hammock Hanging Tree Straps

Live Infinitely Hammock Hanging Tree Straps
Buy now from Amazon

The price of these hammock hanging tree straps is slightly lower than most hammock straps with the same features. And that’s why we have included them in these reviews. Aside from being incredibly affordable, these hammock hanging tree straps are designed with ultimate strength in mind. They have been tested and proven to have a breaking strength of 1500 pounds. Moreover, they can hold up to 500 pounds. And this means they can carry up to 2 people.


1-year unlimited warranty: Improves confidence in buying the hammock straps.
Featherweight body: It makes it easy to carry hammock straps.
100-percent polyester webbing: It does not stretch hence, it will not sag.

1MalloMe XL Hammock Straps – Hammock Tree Straps Set Versatile 2000+ LBS Heavy Duty 40 Loops & 100% No Stretch Suspension System Kit 

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps
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MalloMe brands are camping essentials that every outdoorsman should have. Their XL hammock straps, for instance, are handy when you want to set up your hammock during a camping trip. With them, you will be able to hang your hammock easily and safely for a good resting experience. These straps can only break when a force of more than 2000 pounds is exerted on them. So, lie on them knowing that you are totally safe.


Comfortable design: Hammock straps are adjustable and they do not stretch to improve comfort.
Daisy-chained loop system: They make hammock straps easy to adjust.
Two free-locking carabiners: They make hammock straps easy to set up.


Safety is paramount when you are going on a camping trip. Therefore, anything that promises to improve your safety should not be taken for granted. Hammock straps, for example, will help you set up your hammock easily and securely. We have reviewed the best selling brands in the above compilation with the hope that you will not have any problems when it comes to choosing one that suits you.


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