Top 10 Best Privacy Screen Room Dividers of 2020 Reviews


If you share, perhaps a bedroom, and feel that there is no privacy in there, a room divider screen is all you need. Known to improve privacy, screen room dividers come equipped with a thick fabric or strong screens that you cannot see through. Ideally, they improve privacy without compromising the looks of the room they are in. A privacy screen can also be used anywhere and not just for shared bedrooms only.

Besides, there are portable room dividers that can be folded when they are not in use to make storage or transportation a cinch. Also, there are room divider curtains, which are easy to care for and use. Regardless of your preference, we have them here in the following 10 best privacy screen room dividers reviews. So, keep on reading.

How to choose the Best Privacy Screen Room Divider:

Our reviews start with a buyer’s guide. And in our buyer’s guide, we have listed factors to consider when choosing a privacy screen room divider.

Look at the Size of the Room Divider

You do not want to end up with a divider that will not perfectly fit your bedroom or workspace. Therefore, please keep on the size and make sure that it is suitable for your room. This will avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

The Style of the Room Divider

Before you select a room divider, ensure that its color and style match the décor of your room. This is because, at the end of the day, you want something that will not just improve privacy but also will enhance the aesthetics of your room.

Ease of Use and Care

The best privacy screen room divider should be easy to move around if it is a 4-panel screen room divider or roll of it is a room divider curtain. Also, it should be easy to clean, especially if it is a room divider curtain.

Portability and Storage

Choosing a privacy screen room divider that is highly portable and can easily be stored is the wisest decision you can ever make. This is because such screen room dividers are convenient, especially in the event that you are moving from one home to another or not using them.

Now, let’s go to the second section, which is all about reviews of the best screen room dividers.

10Legacy Décor Black 4-Panel Screen Room Divider (Plum Blossom)

Legacy Décor Black 4-Panel Screen Room Divider (Plum Blossom)
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The Legacy Décor Black 4-Panel Screen Room Divider has earned a place in our reviews because of its measurements. The room divider measures 70 inches high by 70 inches wide open by 1 inch deep. For this reason, expect it to fit any standard room. The room divider is very easy to move plus it folds flat for easy storage when it’s not in use.


Quality construction: It is made of veneer, pine wood, and white rice paper like.
Two-way hinges: They ensure more flexible stand and position.
Aesthetic appearance: The Japanese-oriental style with plum blossom print improves the aesthetics of the room divider.
Black color: It blends with any décor.

9RHF Black Privacy Room Divider Curtain (8×8.5)

RHF Black Privacy Room Divider Curtain (8x8.5)
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Many customers like the fact that this privacy room divider curtain is affordable yet it gets the job done. For example, it will not let anyone see through it, thereby, improving privacy. Customers also like the fact that the curtain is easy to care for. All you need to do is wash it in the machine when it gets dirty. It can be used in any room including shared bedroom, workspace, studio, dorm, and loft.


Innovative fabric and color: They are the same on both sides to ensure that the curtain looks great inside out.
Thick fabric: No one can see through it.
Strong grommet ring top: It ensures effortless installation and smooth sliding over a rod.

8RoomDividersNow Room Divider Curtain (Sierra Red)

RoomDividersNow Room Divider Curtain (Sierra Red)
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Attractive and perfect for privacy, the RoomDividersNow Room Divider Curtain (Sierra Red) has all the reasons to be in these reviews. It helps improve privacy in a room and at the same time enhancing the visual appeal. This curtain is also easy to install and use. Ideally, we are impressed with the 100-percent satisfaction guarantee included in the purchase. We are also thrilled by the fact that this room divider curtain is available in several color options.


Heavyweight fabric: It significantly reduces light to optimize privacy.
1-3/4in. metal grommet rings: They are large and help improve installation.
Flexible design: Makes it easy to use the room divider curtain in any room.

7Legacy Décor 4 Panel Divider Shoji Screen

Legacy Décor 4 Panel Divider Shoji Screen
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One great thing we love about this screen room divider is that it allows light to get in and at the same time provides privacy. This means it is exactly what you need to divide a shared bedroom or workspace. The screen room divider looks natural enough to blend with any modern décor. And this makes it the go-to item for anyone who likes it when their living space looks nice.


Double action hinge: It makes it easy to operate the screen room divider.
Traditional Asian style: It blends perfectly with the modern décor.
Natural Finish: It adds uniqueness to the privacy screen room divider.

6MyGift Freestanding Privacy Screen Room Divider

MyGift Freestanding Privacy Screen Room Divider
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We love how this privacy screen room divider is made. It is simple yet elegant to add visual interest to your décor. Furthermore, it is so flexible that you can use it to change the shape of your décor. You can also use it to completely block off a specific part of your room. The screen divider measures 19.75 inches wide by 70.75 inches high by 0.75 inches deep.


Functional hinges: They connect the panels, thereby, allowing you to instantly fold up the screen.
Stylish brown color: It blends perfectly with the modern décor.
Sturdy woven bamboo: It can stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

5RHF Beige Privacy Room Divider Curtain (8×12.5)

RHF Beige Privacy Room Divider Curtain (8x12.5)
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Compared to the other RHF Privacy Room Divider Curtain, this one is much bigger. It is, therefore, ideal for bigger rooms. The curtain measures 8-by-12.5 feet, and it is available in several colors other than beige. Like the first RHF room divider curtain we reviewed earlier, this one offers total privacy. It will keep your body hidden; making sure that no one sees anything.


Great fabric: Its color is the same on both sides, making it look great.
Large size: It makes the curtain perfect for large rooms.
Beige color: It looks natural and blends with the existing décor.
Versatile styling: It makes the curtain ideal for shared bedroom, workspace, studio, dorm, and more.


4Kernorv Black DIY Hanging Room Divider

Kernorv Black DIY Hanging Room Divider
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Kernorv believes in their work. That’s why it comes as no surprise that they have covered this DIY hanging room divider with an 18-month worry-free warranty. Another thing we like about this company is that they believe in simplicity. And that can be seen clearly in this room divider. Despite being simple, the room divider offers individual privacy while matching the décor of the room it is installed in.


Multifunctional design: The room divider can also be used to decorate the room apart from dividing it.
Eco-friendly PVC material: It is not painted to make sure your health is not compromised.
Washable fabric: It makes the room divider very easy to care for.


3MyGift Beige Bamboo 4 Panel Folding Room Divider Screen

MyGift Beige Bamboo 4 Panel Folding Room Divider Screen
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The price of this privacy room divider may be higher than other room dividers we have reviewed before. However, this should not discourage you from getting this room divider screen because it is worth every penny. It is one of the few room dividers that you can move to change the shape of your room or block off parts of your room. In addition, it folds up to ensure quick, easy storage.


Two sturdy wooden boards: They create instant shelving space.
Beige bamboo material: It looks beautiful in a room.
Foldable design: The screen room divider folds up for easy storage.
Removable storage shelves: They are perfect for holding and displaying framed photos, potted plants, and books, among others.


2RHF Extra Wide Diamond Room Divider

RHF Extra Wide Diamond Room Divider
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There is a reason why this room divider is loved by many. And this is because it measures 6’ tall by 19.5” wide. It is wide enough to cover larger rooms. Moreover, this room divider is handmade by professional carpenters, and this helps enhance its performance. Apart from improving privacy, the room divider is ideal for decorating a shared bedroom or workspace.


Natural design: The room divider features beautiful bent wood arched top and 4 medallion diamond weave fiber craftsmanship.
Six stunning shelves: They are for displaying small and decorative items.
Four unique panels: They provide optimum coverage to help improve privacy.

1Coaster Home Furnishings Black 4 Panel Room Divider

Coaster Home Furnishings Black 4 Panel Room Divider
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It is not just us that have ranked this 4-panel room divider as the best; other reviews have also given it the coveted number one spot. But why is the room divider regarded as the best of the best? First, this room divider is extra wide, considering that it measures 69.5 inches wide by 0.75 inches deep by 70.25 inches high. Second, this room divider is from a reputable company in Coaster Home Furnishings.


FSC-certified rubberwood frame: It is tested for quality and safety.
Synthetic rice paper screen: It is durable for long-lasting performance.
Black finish: It enables the screen room divider to blend with most decors.
Foldable design: It makes the screen room divider easy to operate.


Room divider screens and curtains offer a convenient way to take privacy to the next level. They look beautiful in a room; hence, will not just improve privacy but also will enhance the visual appeal of your room. We believe that the ones we have listed above are the best you will ever come across. So, read through and then choose one that you find suitable.


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