Top 10 Best String Trimmers 2020 Reviews


String trimmers are tools used for cutting grass which consist of a cutting head with a handle and at times a strapped shoulder. It is also used for cutting other plants that grow near objects, on steep and even irregular terrain. It has a line that works better than a disk for tough jobs which is highly recommended for large woods or plants. Some trimmers have auto-feed to ensure that the right length is exposed for cutting and it is heavier in weight and even the surface effects. Its speeds are always controlled by a handle.


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The pivot handle and adjustable height of this trimmer will help you have an ample time when using it. It also has a lightweight feature to add to its ergonomic design. It will not bog down thanks to the Power Drive Transmission that it has. Its motor is 6.5Amp so that it can give a high performance. It also has an AFS automatic feed that prevents stopping and bumping on it.

9GreenWorks 21272

GreenWorks 21272
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This is an easily designed trimmer which is light in weight with a pivoting head to help you while trimming and edging using a wheel. It has an electric starter button that makes your work easier while you want to use it with a dual line that auto feeds and a spool that can be replaced and is compatible with others. It comes already loaded with a spool which makes it work so well and easy.


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This is a trimmer that uses a battery for long service with a button to use in controlling power from minimum to maximum. It has an auto feed spoon that helps in working faster and continuously without stopping. It transmits more power from a motor to ensure your work is done so quickly and perfect. Apart from trimming it can also be used as a shaft, and it is cordless.


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This trimmer cuts so neat tough weeds and another overgrowth with a power transmission and battery. It comes also with an automatic feed pool to make it work continuously without bouncing. It works so well while having a lot of work or just a small part and it is light in weight without noise. It clears debris so fast leaving your compound so clean and neat. It does not use gas and has no cord.


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This trimmer comes with a button that will assist you in controlling power and speed with a brushless motor which is efficient and very durable. It has a dual line which clears debris without bouncing continuously. It can be used at home and even commercial use with perfect results and it is very light in weight making it easy to move around with. It is the best alternative compared to gas.

5Toro 51480

Toro 51480
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This is an electric string trimmer which is very powerful, durable and makes your work effortless. It comes equipped with a motor that cuts through grass and weeds so easily and leaves the surface so neat and admirable. It is easily converted from a trimmer to an edger with the help of its switch button. It has an adjustable handle and a telescope shaft that helps to clear a wide area and to be used by a different group of people.

4Poulan Pro PP125

Poulan Pro PP125
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This is a light trimmer with clear instruction on how to use it making your work more enjoyable and fast. It is easy to assembly with an adjustable handle which is accessible so comfortably, and the string is very easy to change. Its tools are compatible with others making its maintenance so easy without a fuse and does not choke at the beginning. It has a two years warranty.


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This is a cordless trimmer that does not use gas and still gives perfect result in your yard and works so fast. It has an automatic feed spoon which allows you to work continuously without any bumping. It comes with batteries with high volts that make you work on a large area so fast. It has a comfortable, adjustable pivot handle with a telescoping pole to make your work even easier.

2GreenWorks 21142

GreenWorks 21142
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This is a light weight, electric trimmer with a cord and dual feed spoon which is very easy to use and leaves your grass neat and well kept. It has a large cutting path that speeds u the trimming and saves a lot of time. It’s tools like feed spoon are compatible with others making it easy to use even one from a different trimmer. It is affordable and still offers the perfect service required.

1GreenWorks 21212

GreenWorks 21212
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This is an easily designed trimmer which is light in weight with a cord and instructions note on how to use. It has a dual line which is automatic and adjustable handle to make your work easier and faster. It has an electric button for switching it on and does not use gas. It also has a replaceable and compatible feed spoon which works perfectly without any bumping. It also has an attachable cord which does not come off easily.

Most of the trimmers come with a start button which makes it easy to start it on or switch it off after use. They are light in weight making your movement very easy and leaves your compound very neat and admirable. Most of trimmers’ tools are compatible making one use even its feed spoon in various machines and still achieve the best results.


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